IAVI Vaccine Literacy Library

Welcome to the IAVI Vaccine Literacy Library

This library contains basic information about HIV, tuberculosis (TB), and Lassa virus vaccines, explained in simple language and in a user-friendly format. It is targeted to a broad range of stakeholders involved in HIV, TB, and Lassa virus vaccine-related work. The text is divided into eight modules covering a range of topics, from basic science and clinical trials to social and ethical issues related to vaccine development and testing, as well as future access to and use of vaccines.


While all the modules can be adapted for use at the local community level, they are generally written for individuals who provide education and information related to HIV, TB, and Lassa virus. These groups may include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinical vaccine trial site staff
  • Non-governmental organization (NGO) staff, to incorporate vaccine messages into their existing work
  • Medical professionals or institutions, to provide vaccine information to patients or to incorporate into advocacy efforts
  • Health centers, to provide clients with vaccine information
  • Academic or religious leaders, to provide information and/or informed advice
  • Community Advisory Boards

Using the IAVI Vaccine Literacy Library

The IAVI Vaccine Literacy Library may be used as reference information for training workshops, to develop educational materials or tools, or to incorporate vaccine information into existing tools such as fact sheets, brochures, and multimedia content. It may also be used directly for recruitment of trial participants or to engage communities and national-level stakeholders to build understanding of and support for clinical trials and an eventual vaccine.

To use the IAVI Vaccine Literacy Library, select, download, and adapt the module that applies to your activity. You can also download the ready-made PowerPoint slides and tailor them to the specific needs of your activity. The full IAVI Vaccine Literacy Library can be downloaded here, and the PowerPoint deck can be downloaded here. The individual modules as PDFs and PPTs can be downloaded by clicking on their respective modules below.

Click on each of the modules below to learn more about their respective topics.