Translating scientific discoveries into
affordable, accessible public health solutions


What We Do


new approaches to developing vaccines and other means of preventing HIV.


translational and clinical research through our laboratories in the U.S., India, and the U.K.

Build Capacity

in-country for researching vaccine candidates while strengthening local public health and scientific expertise.


with industry and enlist biopharma product development skills to develop innovative products tailored to target populations.


IAVI’s resources with other innovators to help the HIV community as a whole succeed.


IAVI’s core capabilities to solving disease prevention and treatment challenges.

Latest News from IAVI

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Engineered HIV Vaccine Candidate Enters Trials

Phase I trial to evaluate safety and immunogenicity of vaccine candidate engineered to elicit targeted immune response against HIV.

IAVI Acquires Aeras TB Vaccine Clinical Programs and Assets

IAVI Acquires TB Clinical Programs from Aeras

Data from two Phase II clinical trials conducted by Aeras and partners indicate promise for future of TB vaccine development.

From Research to Impact: HIVR4P

IAVI and our partners head to Madrid on Oct. 21 to 25 for the 2018 HIV Research for Prevention conference.

New Hope for TB Vaccines

After decades of research, renewed promise emerges for developing vaccines against the world’s deadliest infectious disease.

HIV Prevention: From Innovation to Implementation

Recent trends make it clear to all of us that HIV prevention remains paramount.

Why Do We Need an HIV Vaccine?

IAVI staff explain why an HIV vaccine is the best way to end to the epidemic.



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