IAVI Vaccine Literacy Library: Module 8

Guidance for trainers

This module provides guidance to trainers using the IAVI Vaccine Resource Library to conduct workshops for relevant audiences. It further describes the circumstances under which IAVI’s review or acknowledgement is required when users adopt these materials.


  1. Introduction
  2. Target Audience
  3. How to Use this Manual
  4. Using the Slides
  5. How to Plan a Training or Presentation
  6. Selecting the Content
    1. Introduction to HIV, TB, and Lassa Fever Vaccine Research
    2. Introduction to Vaccines (HIV, TB, and Lassa)
    3. Disease-Specific Trainings
    4. Introduction to Vaccine Clinical Trials
    5. Adapting Training Materials for Different Audiences
  7. Answering Difficult Questions
  8. How to Conduct a Refresher Training
  9. Acknowledgement of IAVI and Materials Review

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