IAVI Vaccine Literacy Library: Module 5

What is a vaccine clinical trial?

This module introduces key concepts in clinical trials and highlights the role of clinical trials in vaccine research and development. It describes how clinical trials work and underscores the importance of including a diversity of populations in clinical trials.


Summary Points

  1. Introduction: What is a Clinical Trial?
  2. Key Definitions in Clinical Trials
    1. Safety
    2. Dose, Regimen and Route of Immunisation
    3. Immunogenicity
    4. Efficacy
    5. Effectiveness
    6. Sample Size and ‘Power’
  3. Clinical Trial Methods
    1. Control Group in a Trial
    2. Randomisation
    3. Blinding
  4. Clinical Trial Phases
    1. Phase I
    2. Phase II
    3. Phase III
    4. Further Studies
  5. Participation in Vaccine Trials

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