Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at IAVI

IAVI believes diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to achieve our shared mission to translate science into global health impact. We recognize that DEI is a cornerstone of global health research and one that must be embedded in our organization and work culture to enable genuine, effective, and transformational impact.  

IAVI’s employee-led DEI committee is responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s DEI strategy to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our global hubs and research practices. IAVI is committed to supporting an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas and foster a sense of belonging throughout our organization. After all, we can only be at our best, as an organization and individually, when everyone at IAVI feels valued and respected. 

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Gender equity 

IAVI aims to be responsive to gender equity in the conduct of its scientific work as well as in the work environment it fosters. IAVI embraces an expansive definition of gender, beyond binary constructs, and aims to ensure this view is reflected in its workplace policies and scientific work to create inclusivity, respect, and equity for all.   

Gender is an integral component of our strategies and programs, and we are deliberate about gender mainstreaming, to ensure equitable participation in studies and clinical trials, influence research protocols, and shape health policies and guidelines.  Through our Women in Science leadership program, we help develop the next generation of scientists by supporting them with the skills and mentorship needed to thrive and help equip their workplaces to recruit, retain, and enable them to excel. 

IAVI does not tolerate sexual harassment, as detailed in our Safeguarding Policy, trainings, and reporting mechanisms. Additionally, IAVI is dedicated to fostering a family-friendly workplace environment and is committed to ensuring equitable pay practices. 

Since our founding in 1996, IAVI has played a key role as a bridge that connects organizations across sectors and geographies in positive ways. We have leveraged our decades of experience to continue to build and nurture innovative partnerships among organizations across the public and private sectors and among our extensive community and civil society partner networks, in a way that enables each partner to contribute what it does best so that collaborators work synergistically and efficiently toward a shared goal. 

We adhere to the three domains outlined by the Research Fairness Initiative to guide the process of continuous improvement to create research partnerships that are fair, trusting, sustainable, transparent, and more effective. We engage in multilateral efforts that expand research and development and leverage funding from donors globally. We are committed to ensuring reciprocal sharing of discoveries and knowledge transfer, fostering equitable research and development partnerships, and strengthening connections between the Global South and high-income countries to help advance the most promising biomedical prevention research globally.  

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At IAVI, we are committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity, respect, and equality for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We denounce all forms of discrimination, harassment, and prejudice faced by LGBTQ+ individuals and condemn the marginalization, exclusion, or undermining of the rights of LGBTQ+ people.  

We are committed to educating our staff, partners, and the broader community about issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community and to supporting research, policy, and advocacy activities that seek to protect and advance the rights of LGBTQ+ people. Our organization is a safe space where LGBTQ+ individuals can thrive without fear of discrimination, where their contributions are recognized and valued, and where everyone is free to be their authentic selves. 

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Hiring statement 

IAVI is an equal opportunity employer actively committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive global organization. IAVI believes that diversity and inclusion among our teammates are critical, and we seek to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a representative candidate pool. At IAVI, we celebrate the spectrum of colleagues’ experiences and believe that dedication to our mission above all is essential to our success as a scientific global non-profit. IAVI upholds these principles through the organization’s DEI committee.

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Zero tolerance

IAVI is an equal opportunity employer. It is IAVI’s policy to provide equal opportunity without regard to race, citizenship, color, sex, gender identity or expression, age, height, weight, disability (including physical and mental conditions unrelated to job performance), religion, creed, caste, home language, ancestry, national origin, pregnancy, marital or partnership status, sexual orientation, status as a protected veteran, ethnicity, genetic information, predisposing genetic characteristic, status as a victim of domestic violence, stalking and sex offenses, HIV status, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws.


Supplier diversity 

IAVI believes that the search for safe, effective, and accessible biomedical innovations is aided immeasurably by diversity. Individuals who reflect a range of human experiences are as integral to our day-to-day operation as they are to the scientific elements of our work. As such, IAVI is committed to providing opportunities to develop and engage certified minority, women, LGBTQ+, veteran, disabled, Historically Under-utilized Business Zone (HUBZone) businesses, and small businesses.

We welcome inquiries from all enterprises and suppliers interested in becoming affiliated with IAVI. Please send an e-mail to Eileen Rose with an overview of your firm’s capacities and contact details. A member of IAVI’s staff will contact you.