ADVANCE: Accelerate the Development of Vaccines and New Technologies to Combat the AIDS Epidemic

Through the creation of increasingly recognized and pioneering research networks in Africa – the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic – IAVI has invested in Africa-led HIV prevention science. ADVANCE is a five-year cooperative agreement to further the progress of HIV research in the region. ADVANCE’s goal is to cultivate a core group of researchers and scientists in Africa, enabling their centers and institutions to play a ADVANCE weavecritical role in the global effort to identify, evaluate, and implement a vaccine for HIV. IAVI’s role in this process includes providing support for their research and technical assistance in the implementation of clinical trials; helping build capacity in new technology transfer; and ensuring engagement for new partners on the pathway to an efficacious HIV vaccine. With ADVANCE, developments in community epidemiology studies and research with samples from affected volunteers can be immediately applied to end AIDS.

Indeed, IAVI has developed this Africa-based research network for over 15 years, supporting the growth of new, talented African and Indian researchers, and bringing them to the forefront of major vaccine trials and other studies. Now, ADVANCE continues this work with increased focus and energy, including the management of four current vaccine or prevention trials in its clinical network.

ADVANCE has four areas of focus:

  1. Understanding communities and cohorts leading epidemiological studies, social science studies, and community engagement/research preparedness.
  2. Through Africa-centered science (also termed VISTA), IAVI is leading in the design and testing of new immunogens. ADVANCE engages regionally-based researchers utilize unique samples to identify modes of viral control.
  3. Clinical evaluation of vaccine candidates.
  4. Sustainable capacity building the capacity of scientists and institutions and transferring critical technologies and information.

In five years, ADVANCE will have:

  • Understood some of the unique characteristics of the African AIDS epidemic.
  • Translated knowledge of the epidemic to improved vaccine design.
  • Evaluated at least 10 HIV vaccines advancing up to three candidates to efficacy trials.
  • Developed sustainable African and Indian clinical trial and research capacity in key areas of HIV vaccine design and development.