IAVI’s Partnership Model

CRP 042611 968-webCharlotte Raymond/IAVIIAVI is a product development partnership (PDP) that collaborates with more than 100 academic, industry and government organizations around the world to research and develop AIDS vaccines, and to advocate for the HIV-prevention field. Over the past decade, IAVI and its partners have launched research consortia to address some of the major challenges of the field. The Neutralizing Antibody Consortium continues to make significant contributions to the design of vaccine candidates that have the potential to neutralize a broad spectrum of HIV variants.

The engagement of developing countries, where the AIDS pandemic has taken its greatest toll, is essential to IAVI’s model. IAVI and its partners in Africa have established a highly regarded clinical research network to evaluate AIDS vaccine candidates and conduct related epidemiological research. More recently, the Government of India’s Translational Health Sciences and Technology Institute has partnered with IAVI to establish an HIV Vaccine Discovery Program

IAVI serves as a bridge between sectors and has forged many longstanding partnerships with researchers in government, academia, industry and the non-profit sector to advance AIDS vaccine development. IAVI provides its partners with support in translational research—the processes essential to converting scientific concepts into products that can be manufactured on a large scale and evaluated in humans. At the same time, the organization seeks to harness the unique expertise and resources of industry to design and develop vaccine candidates, in part through partnerships in which IAVI assumes much of the risk associated with the early stages of such efforts. These partnerships are instrumental to IAVI’s efforts to quickly advance the most promising candidates forward.

IAVI also partners with civil society groups around the world to advocate for continued investment in new tools and strategies to prevent HIV transmission. The organization works closely with policymakers, HIV-prevention advocates and communities in which vaccine trials are conducted to sustain support for AIDS vaccine development. IAVI also conducts policy analyses in partnership with government agencies and other organizations to model the potential impact of HIV vaccines on the AIDS pandemic and monitors funding trends in HIV-prevention research.

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