Vector Evaluation and Quality Control Team

The Vector Evaluation and Quality Control Team designs, develops, and implements in vitro assays to enhance the quality of our vaccine production and purification procedures, as well as to refine the analyses of our vaccine candidates before advancing them to preclinical studies. Additionally, we process small-scale vaccine production and characterize them with established in vitro analytical assays. Our partnership with the Vaccine Vector Design Team is integral through the vaccine evaluation phase, and we also collaborate closely with the Immunobiology Team throughout preclinical studies, analyzing an extensive array of samples.

Suzane R

Suzane Ramos da Silva

Principal Scientist, Vector Evaluation and Quality Control 

Suzane Ramos da Silva obtained her Ph.D. in pathology and dedicated her career to studying oncogenic viruses and infectious diseases. She joined IAVI in 2021 as the team lead of the Vector Evaluation and Quality Control Team. She coordinates efforts in the selection, production, and evaluation of preclinical vesicular stomatitis virus-based vaccine candidates for multiple programs, including Lassa fever, Marburg virus disease, Sudan Ebola virus, HIV, and SARS-CoV-2.

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Alexei Carpov, Analytical Scientist I

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Fuqiang Geng, Analytical Scientist I

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