Vaccine Vector Design Team

The Vaccine Vector Design Team designs, generates, and characterizes innovative viral vaccines that target emerging infectious diseases. Our primary focus is on creating recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)-based vaccine vectors. Additionally, we develop analytical assays to assess viral vectors and vaccine materials. The team is also responsible for producing materials compliant with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) regulations and will provide support for preclinical studies and clinical product development.

Meet the Vaccine Vector Design Team


Kezhi Dai, Ph.D., Analytical Scientist II

Fuxiang H 2

Fuxiang Hou, Analytical Scientist I

Shui L

Shui Li, Research Associate II

Lucia R

Lucia Reiserova, Analytical Scientist I

Headshot Xin Yao 1 1

Xin Yao, Research Associate II