Immunobiology Team

The ultimate goal of any vaccine is to induce effective and durable immunity that prevents an infectious agent from causing disease. The Immunobiology Team is responsible for quantifying and understanding the systemic and mucosal immune responses elicited by our vaccine candidates in a variety of different preclinical models. This includes the characterization of innate, humoral, and cellular responses with an ever-increasing repertoire of techniques, from RNA-Seq to multi-color flow cytometry.

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Thomas Postler, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist, Vector Immunobiology 

Thomas Postler, Ph.D., has been a principal scientist and lead of the Immunobiology Team at the DDL since 2023. Before joining IAVI, Thomas conducted basic research in physiology, virology, and immunology at the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and Columbia University. His expertise includes transcriptional regulation of immune cells, long non-coding RNAs, transcriptomics, macrophage and T-cell biology, and viral taxonomy.

Meet the Immunobiology & Candidate Evaluation Team

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Yesle T. Choi, Research Associate II

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Michelle Lam, Graduate Research Associate


Charlie Liu, Research Associate I

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Karina Peregrina, Senior Research Associate I

Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson, Analytical Scientist II