IAVI’s U.S. hub drives science and operations across all IAVI global hubs

The U.S. hub comprises two labs and one physical office location housing an array of functional teams that support IAVI’s operations globally.

U.S.-based scientific staff lead a range of research and development (R&D) activities from laboratory-based research to scientific presentations at international conferences to global scientific consortia.

We have two labs in the U.S. The IAVI Vaccine Design and Development Laboratory (DDL) in New York specializes in vaccine vector development and design for IAVI’s emerging infectious disease vaccine candidates. The IAVI Neutralizing Antibody Center (NAC) in La Jolla, California, specializes in HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies and computational design, which they’re using to develop next-generation vaccines and antibody-based HIV prevention.

At a glance

Neutralizing Antibody Center (NAC) in California

Administrative & operational center in New York City + U.S.-based clinical development team that coordinates IAVI’s global R&D efforts

Vaccine Design and Development Laboratory (DDL) in New York

We keep IAVI running smoothly across functions and time zones

Our New York office is IAVI’s first physical office location dating back to 1996. This office houses the Operational Excellence team, which supports IAVI’s executive office and global leadership teams. The Clinical Development team oversees all IAVI’s R&D activities in collaboration with a network of in-country clinical research center partners and other scientific collaborators. Our legal, communications, business development, finance & administration, Human Resources, and information technology teams keep IAVI’s operations running smoothly and staff and stakeholders informed across time zones. Our global access and novel technologies colleagues plan and innovate for optimized future product introduction. We also conduct U.S. government relations and advocacy out of Washington, D.C.

Functions represented at our U.S. Hub

We cultivate IAVI’s global culture of learning and collaboration

IAVI promotes its culture of learning through a diverse program of in-person and online global learning sessions called Brown Bags. IAVI’s global Wellness Committee is also chaired out of the U.S. hub and hosts events that promote fitness, mindfulness, and togetherness in partnership with other regional hub wellness teams.

One long-held wellness tradition in New York is our annual Thanksgiving office potluck lunch, which sees staff serving up homemade American Thanksgiving fare alongside a diverse array of international dishes. Locally based staff also participate in the annual New York AIDS Walk — an event that is now global and has become a tradition for other IAVI offices as well.