February 28, 2014

IAVI Applauds End of U.S. Travel Ban on HIV-Infected Visitors

IAVI commends the Obama Administration for lifting the ban on people living with HIV from entering the United States. The process of reversing this policy was initiated by President George W. Bush and received Congressional support when PEPFAR was reauthorized last year. AIDS is a global epidemic, and the mobilization to combat the epidemic is a global effort.  The U.S. government deserves enormous credit for its leadership to combat HIV and AIDS. It has accomplished a great deal by supporting basic prevention programs and expanding access to AIDS treatment, as well as by providing leadership in the effort to develop an AIDS vaccine. Collaboration is critical to the global fight against AIDS and, with the elimination of the stigmatizing U.S. entry ban on people living with HIV, we look forward to a stronger research and development partnership with those parts of the world hardest hit by the pandemic.