December 6, 2021

Inside IAVI: In conversation with Seth Berkley & Mark Feinberg

In conversation with Seth Berkley & Mark Feinberg: 25 years of innovation, partnerships, and access

As we mark  25 years of IAVI,  we’re  inviting our current President and CEO, Mark Feinberg and IAVI’s former CEO Seth Berkley, who is now the CEO of Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, to  reflect  on IAVI’s accomplishments  and the current global health landscape.

In  this special edition of Inside IAVI,  Kristen Abboud, managing editor of IAVI Report, sat down with Mark and Seth  to reminisce on the last 25 years of IAVI, reflect on lessons learned as leaders in global health, and discuss what the future holds for IAVI and the global vaccine research and development landscape.