April 17, 2023

Impact Voices Episode 2: The People Behind The Science

In this episode, KAVI-ICR scientists, Marianne Mureithi, Ph.D., Walter Jaoko, M.D., Ph.D., Daniel Muema, Ph.D., and Terry Muhomah, Ph.D. share their personal stories and shed light on what motivates them to do what they do. They provide insights into how they balance their personal lives with their scientific pursuits and discuss the significant contributions of women in science. They also reveal interesting highlights from their work and share their experiences of navigating the highs and lows of scientific research.

Join us for an intimate conversation with the people behind the science and discover what inspires these scientists to tackle one of the greatest public health challenges of our time. Stay tuned to Impact Voices as we continue to showcase the people, science, and network driving HIV prevention research in Africa.