IAVI pursues its mission to discover and develop vaccines and other biomedical innovations for HIV, tuberculosis, emerging infectious diseases, and neglected diseases through a diverse range of activities. IAVI collaborates with an extensive network of partners in academia, industry, foundations, governments, nonprofit organizations, communities, and funders.

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Discovery & Research

Leading the discovery of vaccines and antibodies

IAVI’s vaccine discovery and development laboratories, as well as its clinical and epidemiology research, are focused on critical questions of how to generate protective immune responses against HIV.

Translation & Product Development

Advancing innovations from lab to clinic

Through its Product Development Center, IAVI provides translational research services and support to other organizations, assisting them with the complex process of transitioning innovations from the laboratory into clinical development.

Global Access to Scientific Innovations

Ensuring that IAVI’s innovations are acceptable, affordable, broadly available, and widely adopted

For IAVI, understanding the needs and preferences of end users, health care providers, and policymakers is essential to developing and delivering products with the fewest barriers to access and the greatest potential for impact.


Accelerate the Development of Vaccines and New Technologies to Combat the AIDS Epidemic

ADVANCE is a 10-year cooperative agreement with the U.S. Agency for International Development, through the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Advocacy & Community Engagement

Addressing regional realities and priorities essential to ending AIDS, TB, and EIDs as well as addressing other unmet global health challenges

IAVI advocacy work engages policymakers, scientists, activists, civil society organizations, influencers, community representatives, and stakeholders across the world to ensure that necessary resources and policies can sustain local, regional, and global support for vaccine development and new biomedical prevention approaches.

Coalition to Accelerate and Support Prevention Research

World Bank/Japan-supported

Accelerating innovation in and access to effective preventive global health technologies