IAVI pursues its mission to discover and develop vaccines and other biomedical innovations to prevent HIV infection through a diverse range of activities. IAVI collaborates with an extensive network of partners in academia, industry, foundations, governments, nonprofit organizations, communities, and funders.

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Leading the discovery of vaccines and antibodies

IAVI’s vaccine discovery and development laboratories are focused on critical questions of how to generate protective immune responses against HIV.

Translation & Product Development

Advancing innovations from lab to clinic

Through its Product Development Center, IAVI provides translational research services and support to other organizations, assisting them with the complex process of transitioning innovations from the laboratory into clinical development.

Clinical & Epidemiology Research

Informing the design of biomedical innovations

IAVI’s network of clinical research center partners evaluate vaccine candidates and conduct epidemiology research to inform the design of vaccines and other biomedical innovations.

Global Community Engagement

Ensuring future access

IAVI engages partners around the world with the intent to ensure that the development of vaccines and other biomedical innovations remains a global health priority.

Africa Program
Vaccine science for Africa, with Africa

Coalition to Accelerate and Support Prevention Research

End-User Research
Product development for broad access

IAVI DataSpace

Sharing our clinical data to strengthen research

The IAVI DataSpace is the central point of access to IAVI’s global R&D data outputs. This digital repository contains datasets collected from IAVI and partners’ epidemiology studies in Africa and India. HIV researchers are invited to access data from study participants, clinical visits, and donated samples of blood and mucosal tissue. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.