October 31, 2012

IAVI’s Board, management and staff extend their deepest sympathy and best wishes to those adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy. IAVI’s offices at 125 Broad Street in New York City, located near the East River, are temporarily closed owing to the damage to the building from the storm. We are in the process of relocating as many of our headquarters staff as possible to the IAVI AIDS Vaccine Design & Development Laboratory offices in Brooklyn, where they will work until our main building is repaired and reopened. To reach IAVI staff, please call the main IAVI telephone number +1 (212) 847-1111. We will update this page as our situation changes. Best regards from IAVI.

Media Contacts


Ethel Makila
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Hester Kuipers
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Devi Leena Bose
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North America

Rose Catlos
+1 212 847 1049