April 27, 2022

From the editor — a new IAVI Report

Kristen Kresge Abboud

After 25 years of IAVI Report, we’re making a few changes.

In 2020, life changed for many across the globe. As SARS-CoV-2 began its deadly march through humankind, countries entered lockdown, offices and schools closed, and many of us who weren’t on the so-called front lines of the pandemic were largely sheltered within our homes. Given that, when we published an issue of IAVI Report that year, it was the first that we didn’t print and mail to our subscribers.HIV CMYK

Since then, we’ve only published IAVI Report online, and we think that this is the best approach going forward. This transition provides some new opportunities that we are excited about. It allows us to publish IAVI Report articles more frequently and email individual articles to our subscribers on a regular basis. These articles will be shorter, but the overall content won’t change — you can still count on us to provide comprehensive coverage of HIV prevention and cure efforts, as well as efforts to combat other global disease threats.

This new format also provides us with an opportunity to work in different mediums, including producing some IAVI Report podcasts and video interviews. These changes will provide richer, more dynamic IAVI Report stories that we hope you will continue to enjoy.

Over the years we have heard from many of our subscribers who favored the print version of IAVI Report, either because they liked to take it when they travelled or have it on hand in their labs. I can deeply relate. Recently, when preparing the 25th anniversary edition, I explored the IAVI Report archives and made my way through hundreds of physical, not virtual, copies of our publication. It was a nostalgic, and somewhat dusty, stroll down memory lane. Although this tangible record of our efforts is something I will miss dearly, there is much to be gained with our official move to a digital publication. I hope you will feel the same way.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts about the new format or share any other feedback you may have by writing to us at iavireport@iavi.org.

We look forward to many exciting digital features to come!