July 17, 2023

Join IAVI at the 2023 International AIDS Conference!

Taking place in Brisbane, Australia, this International AIDS Society (IAS) conference features the latest scientific research for progress against the HIV epidemic.

The IAVI team is looking forward to IAS 2023! Please join us in Brisbane or virtually for the following sessions, with participation from IAVI global leaders, staff, and researchers. All sessions will be recorded, and we encourage you to join us after the fact for any time zone challenges.

  • Designing products that meet community aspirations: understanding end-user preferences for emerging HIV biomedical prevention technologies across East Africa and India. Taking place on Sunday, July 23, at 9:30 a.m. AEST in Brisbane, this session will provide insights into the acceptability of prevention products among specific vulnerable populations in East Africa and India and will discuss end-user inclusion in clinical development planning. IAVI Africa’s Ethel Makila, director, advocacy, policy, and communications, moderates, joined by IAVI’s Joyeeta Mukherjee, senior manager of research and development; Saif ul Hadi, director, access, India; and Yvonne Wangui Machira, director, socio behavioral research.IAVI at IAS2023 homepage
  • The promise of bnAbs for infant post-natal prophylaxis to end paediatric HIV: the path forward. Join us to learn about one of the most promising prevention options to protect the hundreds of thousands of infants who are at risk annually from HIV while breastfeeding: broadly neutralizing antibodies. This satellite session, chaired by IAVI’s Shelly Malhotra, executive director, global access, and with IAVI’s Vincent Muturi-Kioi, senior medical director as a panelist, will take place on Sunday, July 23, at 17:00 AEST in Brisbane.
  • bnAbs: From prevention to cure. Hosted by our colleagues at IAS and featuring IAVI’s Vincent Muturi-Kioi, senior medical director, this satellite will explore how research and development of broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) for HIV prevention could contribute to the use of bnAbs in HIV cure strategies. This session will take place on Tuesday, July 25, at 18:30 AEST in Brisbane.
  • Early childhood vaccination to the HIV response: Promises and challenges. This satellite session, taking place on Tuesday, July 25, at 18:30 AEST in Brisbane, will cover recent data on HIV immune response in young children from a cohort study, the results of vaccination strategies for young individuals, available data on ongoing HIV vaccination trials in children, and a discussion of ethical and regulatory challenges. This session features remarks from IAVI’s Ansuya Naidoo, medical director.
  • Adolescent-responsive engagement: Innovative strategies from India and Africa towards enhancing HIV services uptake and research participation. Join us on Sunday, July 23, at 11:30 a.m. AEST in Brisbane to learn about new ways of engaging adolescents — the population with the greatest share of newly acquired HIV in sub-Saharan Africa — in research and in services uptake. This session will feature remarks from Kuhika Seth, manager of health systems research; Yvonne Wangui Machira, director of socio behavioral research; and Paromita Saha, program manager, research and development.

We are also pleased to announce the following poster presentations by IAVI researchers and encourage you to take a look:

  • Decoding HIV science – Designing an experience-based gamified intervention to understand viral diversity and latency
  • Going beyond the soundbites: Establishing a mental health integration guidance for key populations programme in Kenya as a best practice for Africa
  • Willingness to use long-acting injectable PrEP among high-risk young women in Kampala, Uganda

For more from IAS 2023, you can find the full agenda here.