October 8, 2019

IAVI and TBVI Strengthen Tuberculosis Vaccine Development Pathway

Website update includes stage gates for registration and launch, guidance for specific vaccine categories.

TB Vaccine ResearchHarvested cells needed for the TB vaccine are separated from growth medium liquid using a centrifuge. The product is stored in containers in a freezer. Photo/IAVI.

IAVI and the Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI) have announced important updates to the Tuberculosis Vaccine Development Pathway, a methodology and tool to advance and facilitate decision making in TB vaccine development. The update includes development “stage gates” for vaccine registration and launch, as well as guidance specific to the development of vaccines for adolescents/adults and neonates, and for vaccines to be used therapeutically for people with TB disease.

First launched in 2018, the pathway provides vaccine developers with evidence-based, unbiased technical guidance and support. The interactive, online tool divides the development of a vaccine against TB into successive stages, separated by gates, complemented with guidance on their use.

These updates come at a time when prospects for improved TB vaccines are more promising than ever. The challenge now is how to expedite development of the most promising TB vaccine candidates or approaches and how to design even better ones. Facilitating R&D pathways will be critical to ensuring the future success of vaccines against TB, HIV, and other global public health threats.

Read more about the updates on the TBVI website.