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We partner with scientific leaders in Africa for relevant and sustainable vaccine discovery and development

Today, African researchers stand as peers alongside top global experts in HIV vaccine research and development. Together, we can accelerate breakthroughs and lead to a globally accessible and effective HIV vaccine and other biomedical innovations.

IAVI Africa brings together a diverse team with deep expertise in scientific research, operations, and stakeholder engagement. In collaboration with clinical research center partners across Africa, we focus on locally relevant research toward the development of vaccines and biomedical interventions for HIV, tuberculosis, neglected and emerging infectious diseases, snakebite, and antimicrobial resistance. IAVI Africa engages with communities and policymakers to promote policies bridging research to practice. Our core teams and offices in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa complement IAVI’s global outreach spanning Europe, India, and the U.S.

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We have two decades of experience in conducting research and partnering in Africa

IAVI Africa, formerly IAVI Africa Program, began in 1999 with the goal of conducting HIV vaccine clinical trials and epidemiology studies through the partner clinical research center network, always upholding the highest technical and ethical standards. The program also sought to improve laboratory capabilities for clinical trials and research, while community engagement, advocacy, and policy initiatives remained central to promoting vaccine research. A key component of this work has always been partnering with African researchers to cultivate local scientific expertise and address research challenges. Today, this collaboration is known as IAVI Africa.

We conduct vaccine research tailored to local communities

IAVI Africa has championed a community engagement model that has enabled us to access and retain hard-to-reach communities in clinical trials. In addition, epidemiology studies in Africa reshaped how we understand HIV pathogenesis, with key discoveries now fueling clinical trials of HIV interventions in Africa. These trials are led by African scientists and focus on the safety and effectiveness of interventions for African populations.

We partner to turn science into action

Our robust partnerships with research regulators, policymakers, governments, scientists, activists, civil society organizations, influencers, and communities at national and international fronts help us fulfill our mission to translate scientific research into concrete action. Through proactive advocacy, policy, and public engagement initiatives, we lay the groundwork for impactful research outcomes through activities such as:

  • Ensuring decision-makers have the information and evidence to make informed choices about supporting global health solutions.
  • Developing guidelines for delivering prevention and treatment services in vulnerable communities.
  • Championing the fulfillment of national commitments to increase domestic support for strengthening research.
  • Contributing to efforts to harmonize regional research regulatory processes.

IAVI Africa strengthens clinical capacity in Africa and promotes impactful and respectful global research partnerships, in line with Africa’s health security Agenda. This agenda aims to strengthen public health self-sufficiency, address global imbalances, and enhance Africa’s readiness and response to disease threats.

We strengthen capacity through:

Collaborate with us

At IAVI Africa, collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Whether you’re exploring cutting-edge research and discovery for existing or emerging disease areas or translating research to policy and practice, we’re here and ready to connect. Together, we can propel scientific endeavors that drive transformative change in global health.

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