United States

The government of the United States has long championed AIDS vaccine development, not only through its scientific agencies, but also through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Over the past few years, USAID has provided a substantial portion of the financial support IAVI receives for its work, along with technical guidance on related scientific and policy issues. USAID’s investments have been put to work by IAVI to enable both AIDS vaccine research and the cultivation of scientific and technical capacity at clinical research centers in developing countries that conduct vaccine trials in partnership with the organization.

Research & Development
IAVI collaborates with academic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and government institutions across the US to design, develop and clinically evaluate candidate vaccines against HIV. It also works closely with other civil society organizations to develop and assess policies conducive to such efforts, and to advocate for the field at both a national and international level.

IAVI has key facilities in the US. New York City is home to its global headquarters, and two laboratories central to its collaborative efforts to solve the major scientific problems hindering AIDS vaccine development are also located in the country: the AIDS Vaccine Design and Development Laboratory in New York City, and the IAVI Neutralizing Antibody Center at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif. The organization has strategic research alliances with several other centers of biomedical expertise in the US. Such partnerships are critical to its efforts to harness the talents of researchers across disciplines, institutions and sectors to solve the thus far intractable problems of HIV vaccine design.

Sustaining Political Commitment
Historically, political leaders in the US have been indispensible supporters of AIDS vaccine development. Their assistance has been instrumental to helping IAVI establish a highly productive network of research centers in Africa and has played a major role in the successful execution of various programs for HIV vaccine design, development and advocacy in India

IAVI and its partners routinely meet with members of the US Congress and Administration officials to engage them in efforts to advance AIDS vaccine development and obtain guidance on a variety of related issues. IAVI and its partners also solicit their support for more investment in R&D, the U.S. global AIDS program and the efficient utilization of existing resources for such efforts.

Mobilizing Support
Through its presence in Washington, DC, IAVI works to secure and sustain political and financial support for AIDS vaccine R&D. This work consists of advocacy, policy research and communications activities conducted in collaboration with civil society partners.