000019 11-cropped-webFrederic Courbet/IAVIIn collaboration with partner organizations, IAVI conducts policy analysis and advocacy to ensure the development of AIDS vaccines, expedite that process and promote future access to such vaccines as an essential component of a comprehensive response to the HIV pandemic.

IAVI works with researchers, HIV prevention and treatment advocates and communities most affected by the pandemic to mobilize support for HIV vaccine research and development, build understanding about its processes and prepare the ground for future access to such vaccines in the developing world. IAVI also works with allied groups and leaders working on global health issues, economic development and human rights to advocate for the full engagement of the developing world in efforts to prevent HIV and other endemic diseases. 

In Europe, IAVI works closely with civil society partners at both the national and European Union level to cultivate political support and advocate for policy changes that support AIDS vaccine research. IAVI also collaborates with other product development partnerships (PDPs) to ensure that financing for AIDS vaccine research and development is included in EU research budgets, and to advocate for PDP funding lines in the legislation of individual European nations.

IAVI also works with its partners to highlight the potential impact of an AIDS vaccine, especially on the world’s most vulnerable and stigmatized people. These most-at-risk populations – including people living in poverty, many women and young people, men who have sex with men, and sex workers – often lack access to available HIV prevention tools.