Japan has long been a leader in scientific innovation and has championed the global fight against HIV and AIDS. IAVI has been working in Japan since the G8 Okinawa-Kyushu Summit in 2001 to tap the nation’s technological expertise for AIDS vaccine development. 

The Government of Japan currently supports IAVI through a partnership with the World Bank. The Bank established a donor trust fund to support IAVI’s program and provides technical oversight and management of the grant from Japan.

Research & Development
IAVI worked with the Japanese biotech company DNAVEC, based in Tsukuba City, to jointly develop an AIDS vaccine candidate based on its novel Sendai vector technology. A Phase I trial evaluating the novel HIV vaccine candidate began in Kigali, Rwanda, in April, 2013.

Mobilizing Support
In collaboration with non-governmental organizations and scientists in the HIV vaccine field, IAVI has held conferences and seminars to raise awareness in Japan about the global AIDS pandemic and the urgent need for an AIDS vaccine.