IAVI’s Europe program is built on a network of partnerships that aim to address the unique needs of a diversified region and to maintain a comprehensive program that incorporates research and development, advocacy, policy and communications work. With an office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the Human Immunology Laboratory in London, IAVI’s European program maintains official partnerships in 10 countries and European Union institutions.  

Mobilizing Support
The European office runs an extensive program to secure and sustain political and financial support for AIDS vaccine R&D. These programs consist of advocacy, policy and communications activities conducted in collaboration with IAVI’s civil society partners in European countries. The European office helps IAVI garner relevant in-country information and supports the implementation of programmatic activities.  

Sustaining Political Commitment
Political leadership is crucial to keeping HIV vaccines high on national agendas and is essential to achieving the necessary levels of funding for AIDS vaccine R&D. Parliamentary groups are key agents in the political process, and as such are integral to IAVI’s advocacy programs. IAVI also engages with European governments to help shape the political discourse around AIDS vaccines and advocates for continued investment in AIDS vaccine R&D. IAVI maintains close relationships with its European donor governments.  

Research & Development
The Human Immunology Laboratory—which is based in London—serves as the nerve center of IAVI’s international network of research institutions running AIDS vaccine trials and related clinical research.

IAVI also oversees a web of partnerships for AIDS vaccine R&D in Europe, linking together many of Europe's university labs, independent research institutes, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. IAVI’s investment in R&D programs in Europe is substantial. It reflects the potential of the European continent in both the academic and private sector to provide important knowledge, technologies and tools to help accelerate the search for HIV vaccines.