CRP 042611 825-webCharlotte Raymond/IAVIIAVI’s R&D team designs and develops HIV vaccine candidates, and conducts vaccine trials and related epidemiological research in partnership with more than 100 academic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and governmental institutions. Learn more about recent progress in HIV vaccine R&D


HIV Vaccine Approaches
Vaccinologists are working simultaneously on two primary approaches to preventing HIV infection: engaging the immune system to block infection and training it to recognize and destroy cells that have already been infected by HIV. Learn more

Vaccine Development Process
HIV vaccine candidates are put through a rigorous and lengthy process of clinical evaluation to establish their safety and efficacy. Learn more

Clinical Research Standards
IAVI and its partners subscribe to the highest scientific and ethical standards for conducting trials of HIV vaccine candidates, one that emphasizes protecting the rights, wellbeing and dignity of trial volunteers. Learn more

IAVI’s Portfolio
IAVI and its partners have translated groundbreaking technologies into AIDS vaccine candidates, of which 15 have been tested in 27 early-stage human trials in 11 countries on 4 continents. Learn more

Vaccine Immunology Science and Technology for Africa (VISTA)
VISTA is a new initiative to strengthen and expand an international consortium of investigators in order to address gaps in HIV vaccine design. Learn more

IAVI’s Global Scientific Network
IAVI and its partners have established a network of sophisticated laboratories and clinical research centers in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. IAVI also has launched consortia to address the major scientific problems of HIV vaccine development and boost the number and quality of novel vaccine candidates evaluated in clinical trials. Learn more

Building Scientific and Technical Capacity in Developing Countries
A major portion of the vaccine research that IAVI supports is conducted in developing countries, where 95% of all new HIV infections occur. The organization prioritizes building technical and scientific capacity in these countries. Learn more