HVTN 705

A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Phase 2b Efficacy Study of a Heterologous Prime/Boost Vaccine Regimen of Ad26.Mos4.HIV and Aluminum Phosphate-adjuvanted Clade C gp140 in Preventing HIV-1 Infection in Adult Women

Trial Details:

IIb Scheduled
Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V. September 01, 2017
Ad26.Mos4.HIV,gp140 C Ad26.Mos.1.Env + Ad26.Mos1.Gag-Pol + Ad26.Mos2.Gag-Pol + Ad26.Mos.2.Env; Protein gp140 C
Ad26.Mos4.HIV Viral Vector - Adeno
gp140 C Protein
aluminum phosphate
South Africa 2600