HVTN 117 VAC89220HPX2004

A Randomized, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Phase 1/2a Study in Healthy HIV Uninfected Adults to Assess the Safety/Tolerability and Immunogenicity of 2 Different Prime/Boost Regimens; Priming With Trivalent Ad26.Mos.HIV and Boosting With Trivalent Ad26.Mos.HIV And Clade C Gp140 Plus Adjuvant or Priming With Tetravalent Ad26.Mos4.HIV and Boosting With Tetravalent Ad26.Mos4.HIV and Clade C Gp140 Plus Adjuvant

Trial Details:

II Ongoing
Curcell BIDMC IPCAVD May 01, 2016
Ad26.Mos.HIV Trivalent,Ad26.Mos4.HIV,gp140 C Ad26.Mos.1.Env + Ad26.Mos1.Gag-Pol + Ad26.Mos2.Gag-Pol + Ad26.Mos.2.Env; Ad26.Mos.1.Env + Ad26.Mos1.Gag-Pol + Ad26.Mos2.Gag-Pol; Protein gp140 C
Ad26.Mos.HIV Trivalent Viral Vector - Adeno
Ad26.Mos4.HIV Viral Vector - Adeno
gp140 C Viral Vector - Adeno
Rwanda 198