A randomised trial to compare the tolerance and immunogenicity of two candidate vaccines for HIV-1, ALVAC-vCP105 and CLTB-36, both separately and as prime/boost strategies in HIV negative adult volunteers

Trial Details:

I Completed
French National Agency for Research on AIDS and viral hepatitis (ANRS) March 01, 1994
ALVAC-HIV MN120TMG strain (vCP205),CLTB-36 (gp24E-V3 MN) Canarypox Env gp120, TM gp41, gag, protease B MN/LAI; Protein env p24, V3 loop B MN
ALVAC-HIV MN120TMG strain (vCP205) Viral Vector - Pox
CLTB-36 (gp24E-V3 MN) Protein
France 30