DataSpacePhoto credit: Aeras

“Clinical trials, with a robust laboratory component, generate enormous amounts of data which, if mined fully, can yield important insights into vaccine immunogenicity and efficacy, as well as the relative importance of various behavioral, genetic, and biological risk factors for acquisition.”

The Future of HIV Vaccine Research and the Role of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise — Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS. 5:414–420, 2010.

The IAVI DataSpace is a bioinformatics project bringing together the breadth of data collected by IAVI and its research partners through the conduct of a number of pioneering epidemiology studies. The project assembles a unique collection of clinical and immunological data as well as associated biological samples. The IAVI DataSpace offers:

  • Visualization and interactive exploration of data at population and volunteer levels.
  • A catalogue of studies and integrated data.
  • Services that facilitate access to data and associated samples.
  • Streamlined governance to access data and samples.

The goal of the project is to facilitate pioneering research based on a large and comprehensive dataset. Specifically, the goals of the program are to:

  • Provide visual analytics of data through interactive dashboards built in Tableau.
  • Enable new ways of accessing and sharing data by researchers and clinicians, with the goal of improving research strategies within IAVI, at its centers of excellence, and with research partners.
  • Facilitate scientific collaborations with strategic partners to ensure maximum benefit to the vaccine research field.
  • Lead to improvements in vaccine research and the epidemiology of infectious diseases.

The IAVI DataSpace is an ongoing effort to facilitate data-driven research. We currently offer access to unique early HIV infection data and samples from IAVI Protocol C, and are working to expand to other studies and diseases.