Mobile Testing IAVI Africa 500pxA woman waits to take an HIV test as part of a mobile HIV testing campaign in rural Uganda. Photo credit: Frederic Courbet for IAVI

IAVI’s Africa Program focuses on research and development (R&D), research preparedness, and policy and advocacy work. Through our nearly 20-year partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development, IAVI has helped to foster the development of several scientific centers of excellence at research institutions in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia, which comprise the IAVI-Africa Clinical Research Network.

Together with our partners, we strengthen research facilities, gather socio-behavioral data about volunteer populations and communities, conduct gender-inclusive research, and engage communities and other stakeholders to participate in HIV research and prevention. 

Coordinated through our regional office in Nairobi, IAVI’s partnerships across the continent include civil society organizations; clinical research centers; community partners; government institutions, including health ministries; regional and national authorities; and scientists.

Research and Development

IAVI’s R&D team supports all clinical trials conducted within the IAVI-Africa Clinical Research Network, including trials initiated by partner organizations. IAVI ensures that the services provided to volunteers are of the highest quality and that the research and related work is conducted to the highest ethical standards.

Research Preparedness

IAVI promotes a comprehensive, participatory approach to HIV studies, hinging on relationships with the populations most at risk of HIV infection. Research consortia have been established to create platforms that can be utilized for HIV prevention research among groups with disproportionately high HIV incidence and prevalence.

Our capacity-building initiatives at the individual, institutional, and regional levels facilitate HIV treatment and prevention services, including counseling and testing; provision of other prevention methods; and referral to care and treatment.

IAVI also works with local partners to enhance the efficiency of regional and national research ethics committees. In these efforts, we emphasize community support and understanding of the research, with a particular focus on conducting ethical studies.

Policy & Advocacy

IAVI strives to ensure a supportive environment for HIV vaccine and prevention R&D in Africa. We work with donors, policymakers, and political leaders to translate science into guidelines for HIV prevention research and treatment across the continent in coordination with institutions such as the World Health Organization and African Union. We strive to incorporate the voices of the countries most affected by HIV into this work in order to ensure a strong framework for, and access to, future prevention technologies.