community engagementWomen participate in group awareness activities under the guidance of community health workers in Chennai, India. Photo credit: Anirban Dutta

IAVI engages policymakers, scientists, activists, civil society organizations, influencers, community representatives, and citizens across the world. This work is designed to ensure that necessary resources and policies can sustain local, regional, and global support for HIV vaccines and new biomedical prevention approaches. IAVI recognizes that these approaches must reflect regional realities and priorities essential to ending AIDS.

IAVI’s advocacy partners — from the community to the global level — mobilize a comprehensive response to HIV. This ensures decision-makers have the information and evidence to make informed choices about HIV prevention and provide financial support.

Now, over two decades after IAVI’s founding, HIV vaccines are listed as national health research priorities in many countries where the organization works. These national commitments can translate into increased domestic support for strengthening research and regulatory facilities, as well as inclusive and effective health policies.

IAVI advocates for controlling the AIDS epidemic by all available means. Governments, civil society, and the private sector must stimulate innovation that can fund antiretroviral treatment, while also generating new biomedical approaches for prevention.