Type: Cross-sectional study to characterize laboratory reference intervals in health African adults, with a single follow up visit to assess the effect of season in selected sites. 2,105 enrolled with 903 volunteers in the seasonal study and 200 in another study to assess the effect of splenomegaly.
Study Status: Completed
Enrollment Status: Closed
Countries: Kenya; Rwanda; Uganda; Zambia
Partners: KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research, Kangemi, Nairobi, Kenya; KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research, Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya; Kenya Medical Research Institute-Centre for Geographic Medicine Research-Coast, Kilifi, Kenya; Uganda Virus Research Institute-IAVI, Entebbe, Uganda; Medical Research Council, Masaka, Uganda; Projet San Francisco Center for Family Health Research, Kigali, Rwanda; Center for Family Health Research in Zambia, Lusaka
Study Summary:
To establish clinical laboratory reference ranges among adults to determine relevant inclusion and exclusion criteria and to interpret safety data for HIV vaccine trials in the context of medical conditions present in an asymptomatic adult population at multiple sites in Africa.