Type: Clinical trial volunteer follow-up
Study Status: Ongoing
Enrollment Status: Open
Countries: Kenya; Rwanda; South Africa; Uganda; Zambia
Partners: KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research, Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya; Uganda Virus Research Institute-IAVI, Entebbe, Uganda; Center for Family Health Research in Zambia, Lusaka; Projet San Francisco Center for Family Health Research, Kigali, Rwanda; Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa; Medunsa, South Africa

Study Summary:
To conduct long-term follow-up and assess the long-term health status of volunteers who have been enrolled previously in an IAVI-sponsored trial of an investigational HIV vaccine candidate. This includes measuring clinical events (i.e., “adverse events” as per clinical trial procedures), incident HIV infection, the persistence of vaccine-induced antibodies, and to characterize immunological, virological, and immunogenetic responses.