Type: Prospective cohort study
Study Status: Studies in Zambia, Kenya and South Africa are active. Studies in Rwanda are complete. Studies in Uganda are in development.
Countries: Kenya; Uganda; Zambia; Rwanda; South Africa
Partners: HIV Pathogenesis Program (HPP); Kenya Medical Research Institute-Centre for Geographic Medicine Research-Coast (KEMRI-CGMRC), Kilifi, Kenya; Medical Research Council (MRC-Masaka)-Masaka, Uganda; Projet San Francisco (PSF); Zambia Emory HIV Research Project (ZEHRP).

Study Summary:
Prospective cohort studies of volunteers identified prior to, or during antibody seroconversion, using real-time PCR on the GeneXpert platform, or overnight traditional PCR. Dozens of volunteers identified during this acute phase of HIV infection have been offered treatment, and are followed over time.