PMID: 15280539
Title: TRIM5alpha mediates the postentry block to N tropic murine leukemia viruses in human cells
Abstract: Murine leukemia viruses (MLVs) have been classified as N-tropic (N-MLV) or B-tropic (B-MLV), depending on their ability to infect particular mouse strains. The early phase of N-MLV infection is blocked in the cells of several mammalian species, including humans. This block is mediated by a dominant host factor that targets the viral capsid soon after virus entry into the cell has been achieved. A similar block to HIV-1 in rhesus monkey cells is mediated by TRIM5alpha. Here we show that human TRIM5alpha is both necessary and sufficient for the restriction of N-MLV in human cells. Rhesus monkey TRIM5alpha, which potently blocks HIV-1 infection, exhibited only modest inhibition of N-MLV infection. B-MLV was resistant to the antiviral effects of both human and rhesus monkey TRIM5alpha; susceptibility to TRIM5alpha-mediated restriction was conferred by alteration of residue 110 of the B-MLV capsid protein to the amino acid found in the N-MLV capsid. Our results demonstrate that species-specific variation in TRIM5alpha governs its ability to block infection by diverse retroviruses.
Date: 1970-08-20
Year: 2004
Journal: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
PMID Author: Perron MJ, Stremlau M, Song B, Ulm W, Mulligan RC, Sodroski J
PMC Link #: PMC511059

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