PMID: 26344945
Title: The Potential Impact of Preventive HIV Vaccines in China Results and Benefits of a Multi Province Modeling Collaboration
Abstract: China's commitment to implementing established and emerging HIV/AIDS prevention and control strategies has led to substantial gains in terms of access to antiretroviral treatment and prevention services, but the evolving and multifaceted HIV/AIDS epidemic in China highlights the challenges of maintaining that response. This study presents modeling results exploring the potential impact of HIV vaccines in the Chinese context at varying efficacy and coverage rates, while further exploring the potential implications of vaccination programs aimed at reaching populations at highest risk of HIV infection. A preventive HIV vaccine would add a powerful tool to China's response, even if not 100% efficacious or available to the full population.
Date: 1970-08-22
Year: 2015
Journal: Vaccines (Basel)
PMID Author: Harmon T, Guo W, Stover J, Wu Z, Kaufman J, Schneider K, Liu L, Feng L, Schwartländer B
PMC Link #: PMC4494240

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