PMID: 20716817
Title: Safety immunogenicity of tgAAC09 a recombinant adeno associated virus type 2 HIV 1 subtype C vaccine in India
Abstract: A phase 1 trial of adeno-associated virus based HIV-1 subtype C vaccine (tgAAC09) was conducted at two sites in Germany and Belgium and one site in India. This paper reports the safety and immunogenicity of tgAAC09 in healthy adult Indian volunteers.
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2010
Journal: Indian J. Med. Res.
PMID Author: Mehendale S, Sahay S, Thakar M, Sahasrabuddhe S, Kakade M, Shete A, Shrotri A, Spentzou A, Tarragona T, Stevens G, Kochhar S, Excler JL, Fast P, Paranjape R

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