PMID: 20537552
Title: Replicating viral vectors as HIV vaccines summary report from the IAVI sponsored satellite symposium at the AIDS vaccine 2009 conference
Abstract: In October 2009, The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) convened a satellite symposium entitled 'Replicating Viral Vectors for use in AIDS Vaccines' at the AIDS Vaccine 2009 Conference in Paris. The purpose of the symposium was to gather together researchers, representatives from regulatory agencies, and vaccine developers to discuss issues related to advancement of replication-competent viral vector- based HIV vaccines into clinical trials. The meeting introduced the rationale for accelerating the development of replicating viral vectors for use as AIDS vaccines. It noted that the EMEA recently published draft guidelines that are an important first step in providing guidance for advancing live viral vectors into clinical development. Presentations included case studies and development challenges for viral vector-based vaccine candidates. These product development challenges included cell substrates used for vaccine manufacturing, the testing needed to assess vaccine safety, conducting clinical trials with live vectors, and assessment of vaccination risk versus benefit. More in depth discussion of risk and benefit highlighted the fact that AIDS vaccine efficacy trials must be conducted in the developing world where HIV incidence is greatest and how inequities in global health dramatically influence the political and social environment in developing countries.
Date: 2018-08-16
Year: 2011
Journal: Biologicals
PMID Author: Excler JL, Parks CL, Ackland J, Rees H, Gust ID, Koff WC
IAVI Topics: Vector Design

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