PMID: 21283743
Title: Reasons for ineligibility in phase 1 and 2A HIV vaccine clinical trials at Kenya AIDS vaccine initiative KAVI Kenya
Abstract: With the persistent challenges towards controlling the HIV epidemic, there is an ongoing need for research into HIV vaccines and drugs. Sub-Saharan African countries--worst affected by the HIV pandemic--have participated in the conduct of clinical trials for HIV vaccines. In Kenya, the Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI) at the University of Nairobi has conducted HIV vaccine clinical trials since 2001.
Date: 1970-08-20
Year: 2011
Journal: PLoS ONE
PMID Author: Omosa-Manyonyi GS, Jaoko W, Anzala O, Ogutu H, Wakasiaka S, Malogo R, Nyange J, Njuguna P, Ndinya-Achola J, Bhatt K, Farah B, Oyaro M, Schmidt C, Priddy F, Fast P
IAVI Topics: IAVI Clinical Trial
IAVI Keywords: IAVI V001

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