PMID: 27502690
Title: Promotion of couples voluntary HIV counseling and testing a comparison of influence networks in Rwanda and Zambia
Abstract: Many African adults do not know that partners in steady or cohabiting relationships can have different HIV test results. Despite WHO recommendations for couples' voluntary counseling and testing (CVCT), fewer than 10 % of couples have been jointly tested and counseled. We examine the roles and interactions of influential network leaders (INLs) and influential network agents (INAs) in promoting CVCT in Kigali, Rwanda and Lusaka, Zambia.
Date: 1970-08-22
Year: 2017
Journal: BMC Public Health
PMID Author: Kelley AL, Hagaman AK, Wall KM, Karita E, Kilembe W, Bayingana R, Tichacek A, Kautzman M, Allen SA
PMC Link #: PMC4977827

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