PMID: 18072974
Title: Promotion of couples voluntary counselling and testing for HIV through influential networks in two African capital cities
Abstract: Most new HIV infections in Africa are acquired from cohabiting heterosexual partners. Couples' Voluntary Counselling and Testing (CVCT) is an effective prevention strategy for this group. We present our experience with a community-based program for the promotion of CVCT in Kigali, Rwanda and Lusaka, Zambia.
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2008
Journal: BMC Public Health
PMID Author: Allen S, Karita E, Chomba E, Roth DL, Telfair J, Zulu I, Clark L, Kancheya N, Conkling M, Stephenson R, Bekan B, Kimbrell K, Dunham S, Henderson F, Sinkala M, Carael M, Haworth A
PMC Link #: PMC2241615

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