PMID: 20111582
Title: Phase 1 safety and immunogenicity evaluation of ADVAX a multigenic DNA based clade C B HIV 1 candidate vaccine
Abstract: We conducted a Phase I dose escalation trial of ADVAX, a DNA-based candidate HIV-1 vaccine expressing Clade C/B' env, gag, pol, nef, and tat genes. Sequences were derived from a prevalent circulating recombinant form in Yunnan, China, an area of high HIV-1 incidence. The objective was to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of ADVAX in human volunteers.
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2010
Journal: PLoS ONE
PMID Author: Vasan S, Schlesinger SJ, Huang Y, Hurley A, Lombardo A, Chen Z, Than S, Adesanya P, Bunce C, Boaz M, Boyle R, Sayeed E, Clark L, Dugin D, Schmidt C, Song Y, Seamons L, Dally L, Ho M, Smith C, Markowitz M, Cox J, Gill DK, Gilmour J, Keefer MC, Fast P, Ho DD

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