PMID: 20890292
Title: Passive neutralizing antibody controls SHIV viremia and enhances B cell responses in infant macaques
Abstract: Maternal HIV-1-specific antibodies are efficiently transferred to newborns, but their role in disease control is unknown. We administered neutralizing IgG, including the human neutralizing monoclonal IgG1b12, at levels insufficient to block infection, to six newborn macaques before oral challenge with simian-HIV strain SF162P3 (SHIV(SF162P3)). All of the macaques rapidly developed neutralizing antibodies and had significantly reduced plasma viremia for six months. These studies support the use of neutralizing antibodies in enhancing B cell responses and viral control in perinatal settings.
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2010
Journal: Nat. Med.
PMID Author: Ng CT, Jaworski JP, Jayaraman P, Sutton WF, Delio P, Kuller L, Anderson D, Landucci G, Richardson BA, Burton DR, Forthal DN, Haigwood NL
PMC Link #: PMC2952052

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