PMID: 15140996
Title: Passive immunotherapy in simian immunodeficiency virus infected macaques accelerates the development of neutralizing antibodies
Abstract: Passively transferred neutralizing antibodies can block lentivirus infection, but their role in postexposure prophylaxis is poorly understood. In this nonhuman-primate study, the effects of short-term antibody therapy on 5-year disease progression, virus load, and host immunity were explored. We reported previously that postinfection passive treatment with polyclonal immune globulin with high neutralizing titers against SIVsmE660 (SIVIG) significantly improved the 67-week health of SIVsmE660-infected Macaca mulatta macaques. Four of six treated macaques maintained low or undetectable levels of virus in plasma, compared with one of ten controls, while two rapid progressors controlled viremia only as long as the SIVIG was present. SIVIG treatment delayed the de novo production of envelope (Env)-specific antibodies by 8 weeks (13). We show here that differences in disease progression were also significant at 5 years postinfection, excluding rapid progressors (P = 0.05). Macaques that maintained
Date: 1970-08-20
Year: 2004
Journal: J. Virol.
PMID Author: Haigwood NL, Montefiori DC, Sutton WF, McClure J, Watson AJ, Voss G, Hirsch VM, Richardson BA, Letvin NL, Hu SL, Johnson PR
PMC Link #: PMC415787

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