PMID: 27871328
Title: Membrane bound modified form of clade B Env JRCSF is suitable for immunogen design as it is efficiently cleaved and displays all the broadly neutralizing epitopes including V2 and C2 domain dependent conformational epitopes
Abstract: Antigenicity of HIV-1 envelope proteins (Envs) of both lab-adapted and primary isolates expressed on the cell surface rarely match with in vitro neutralization of viruses, pseudo-typed with corresponding Envs. Often, both neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibodies bind to Envs expressed on the cell membrane. This could be due to the lack of efficient cleavage of Env expressed on the cell surface. Naturally occurring, efficiently cleaved Envs with appropriate antigenic properties are relatively rare. Given viral diversity it is essential to increase the pool of candidate Envs suitable for immunogen design. Previously, it has been reported that JRFL Env is the only clade B Env, which is efficiently cleaved on the cell surface and retains desirable antigenic properties. JRCSF is a clade B Env isolated from the same patient as JRFL. JRCSF Env has not been explored aggressively for designing immunogen as the binding characteristics of JRCSF Env to broadly neutralizing antibodies on the cell surface and its cleavage status are unknown.
Date: 1970-08-22
Year: 2017
Journal: Retrovirology
PMID Author: Das S, Boliar S, Mitra N, Samal S, Bansal M, Koff WC, Chakrabarti BK
PMC Link #: PMC5117575

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