PMID: 22100891
Title: HIV vaccine development challenges and opportunities towards solving the HIV vaccine neutralizing antibody problem
Abstract: Recent advances in HIV vaccine development have created a renaissance in the search for a safe and effective HIV vaccine. These advances include the first demonstration in human clinical trials of a vaccine candidate that provided modest levels of protection from HIV infection; a series of candidates entering into clinical trials with an improved profile of protection against SIV in non-human primate studies, and the identification from HIV infected individuals of new broad and potent monoclonal antibodies against HIV that target conserved, vulnerable regions of the HIV envelope glycoprotein spike. The major challenge for successful HIV vaccine development rests on overcoming the unprecedented hyper-variability of HIV, which likely will require induction of broadly protective neutralizing antibodies to prevent HIV infection, and broad and robust cellular immune responses to control HIV infection. This presentation will review the challenges and opportunities for development of vaccine candidates capable of eliciting broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV.
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2012
Journal: Vaccine
PMID Author: Koff WC

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