PMID: 26933046
Title: Heterogeneity of HIV incidence a comparative analysis between fishing communities and in a neighbouring rural general population Uganda and implications for HIV control
Abstract: To describe HIV heterogeneity in rural Uganda using incidence data collected between January 2012 and December 2014 among fishing cohort (FC) and in an adjacent rural general population cohort (GPC).
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2017
Journal: Sex Transm Infect
PMID Author: Kamali A, Nsubuga RN, Ruzagira E, Bahemuka U, Asiki G, Price MA, Newton R, Kaleebu P, Fast P
PMC Link #: PMC5013105
IAVI Topics: HIV Epidemiology
IAVI Keywords: Protocol B, Fishing Communities

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