PMID: 30076101
Title: Glycan Masking Focuses Immune Responses to the HIV 1 CD4 Binding Site and Enhances Elicitation of VRC01 Class Precursor Antibodies
Abstract: An important class of HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies, termed the VRC01 class, targets the conserved CD4-binding site (CD4bs) of the envelope glycoprotein (Env). An engineered Env outer domain (OD) eOD-GT8 60-mer nanoparticle has been developed as a priming immunogen for eliciting VRC01-class precursors and is planned for clinical trials. However, a substantial portion of eOD-GT8-elicited antibodies target non-CD4bs epitopes, potentially limiting its efficacy. We introduced N-linked glycans into non-CD4bs surfaces of eOD-GT8 to mask irrelevant epitopes and evaluated these mutants in a mouse model that expressed diverse immunoglobulin heavy chains containing human IGHV1-202, the germline VRC01 V segment. Compared to the parental eOD-GT8, a mutant with five added glycans stimulated significantly higher proportions of CD4bs-specific serum responses and CD4bs-specific immunoglobulin G B cells including VRC01-class precursors. These results demonstrate that glycan masking can limit elicitation of off-target antibodies and focus immune responses to the CD4bs, a major target of HIV-1 vaccine design.
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2018
Journal: Immunity
PMID Author: Duan H, Chen X, Boyington JC, Cheng C, Zhang Y, Jafari AJ, Stephens T, Tsybovsky Y, Kalyuzhniy O, Zhao P, Menis S, Nason MC, Normandin E, Mukhamedova M, DeKosky BJ, Wells L, Schief WR, Tian M, Alt FW, Kwong PD, Mascola JR
IAVI Topics: HIV Immunogen Design

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