PMID: 29482500
Title: Evaluation of HIV 1 rapid tests and identification of alternative testing algorithms for use in Uganda
Abstract: The World Health Organization recommends that countries conduct two phase evaluations of HIV rapid tests (RTs) in order to come up with the best algorithms. In this report, we present the first ever such evaluation in Uganda, involving both blood and oral based RTs. The role of weak positive (WP) bands on the accuracy of the individual RT and on the algorithms was also investigated.
Date: 1970-08-22
Year: 2018
Journal: BMC Infect. Dis.
PMID Author: Kaleebu P, Kitandwe PK, Lutalo T, Kigozi A, Watera C, Nanteza MB, Hughes P, Musinguzi J, Opio A, Downing R, Mbidde EK

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