PMID: 26923456
Title: Comparison of HIV incidence estimated in clinical trial and observational cohort settings in a high risk fishing population in Uganda Implications for sample size estimates
Abstract: Clinical trial participants may differ from the source population due to the demands of trial participation and self-selection, inadvertent selection of a lower-risk group, or both. We investigated the HIV risk status of volunteers in a Simulated Vaccine Efficacy Trial (SiVET) nested within a prospective observational cohort of fisher folks in South Western Uganda.
Date: 1970-08-21
Year: 2016
Journal: Vaccine
PMID Author: Abaasa A, Asiki G, Price MA, Ruzagira E, Kibengo F, Bahemuka U, Fast PE, Kamali A
PMC Link #: PMC4994889
IAVI Topics: HIV Epidemiology
IAVI Keywords: Protocol B, Fishing Communities

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